2014 Olympia Experimental Music Festival schedule

The Northern (321 4th Ave)                                           
Friday 6/27:Elliott Sharp (Solo & w/ Joe Trump) (NYC)
Peter Randlette (Olympia)
Dead Air Fresheners w/ Jennifer Robin (Portland, Olympia, Seattle)
KnotPineBox (Olympia)
J.D. Helwig (Portland)
Big Tom the Lithuanian (Olympia)Saturday 6/28:

Mark Hosler from Negativland (North Carolina by way of Olympia and Contra Cost County CA)
Impulsive Machinations (Thollem/Lund) (Portland, the road)
Arrington De Dionyso (Olympia)
Ton Trio II (Oakland)
Chaostic Magic (Seattle)
Beatbox Fred and the Furious Force (Olympia)

Sunday 6/29:

Replikants (Olympia)
Malaise (Seattle by way of Olympia and Tokyo)
Derek M Johnson w/ Ben Luca Robertson(Olympia, Spokane)
L.A. Lungs (Olympia, Tacoma)
Four Dimensional Nightmare (Seattle)
Overdose the Katatonic (Seattle)

Saturday shows start at 7 PM and run to about 11 PM, Sun starts at 4 PM and runs to about 8 PM.

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