Please consider a CONTRIBUTION to the 2016 OEMF (Olympia Experiemental Music Festival)!!!

The 22nd OEMF is going to be here before you know it!  As with every festival, we need your assistance in order to pay our players, expenses for the venues, and all the other things that go with putting together a major event like this!  Please click the link below to make your support known for this long-running musical adventure!!!  We do NEED your help!!!

You can watch the video from right here, if you’d like:

Please consider a CONTRIBUTION to the OEMF

Several folks have visited the INDIE-GOGO site for the Olympia Experimental Music Festival, but (so far) only ONE contributed…. please consider making a contribution.  All $$$ gathered will be used to help compensate the artists who play in the festival!  So, please visit and make your contribution NOW by clicking the link below (this is the UPDATED campaign link):

21st Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival INDIE-GOGO campaign!