2017 Olympia Experimental Music Festival schedule

OEMF 2017 Full Event Info
$23 Full Freakin’ Pass   The festival pass covers the whole weekend (all five blocks of performances) at a reduced price.

You can get a FULL FESTIVAL pass for all three days (23-25 June, 2017), for $23, by clicking below:


Show Times …
— Friday, Obsidian, start at 8 p.m. —

$8 at the door

8 p.m. – Xapchyk – (pdx)
8:45 – L.A. Lungs – (oly)
9:30 – KGD – (oly)
10:15 – d.a. terence – (oly)
11:00 – King Tears Bat Trip – (sea)

Event Link:

— Saturday, Le Voyeur, start at 1 p.m. —

$3 at the door, all-ages

1 p.m. – Burning Spirits – (oly)
1:45 – Cyclopsycho – (oly)
2:30 – Hammer of Hathor – (oly)
3:15 – Dolphin Midwives – (pdx)

Event Link:

— Saturday, Obsidian, start at 8 p.m. —

$8 at the door

8 p.m. – Eric Ostrowski (sea) & Fischkopf Sinfoniker (bellingham)
8:45 – Wilson Shook (sea) & Dave Abramson (sea) & Greg Kelley (sea)
9:30 – Mulva Myasis (pdx)
10:15 – Existence Habit (astoria)
11:00 – Angell (pdx)

Event Link:

— Sunday, Artesian Well Commons, start at 1 p.m. —

FREE, all- ages

1 p.m. – Four Dimensional Nightmare (sea)
1:45 – MK Ultramegaphone (salem)
2:30 – Kole Galbraith (sea)
3:15 – Dead Air Fresheners (pdx/oly/sea)

Event Link:

— Sunday, Brotherhood Lounge, start at 8 p.m. —

$8 at the door

8 p.m. – Cop Fetish (oly)
8: 45 – K.O. SOLO (sea)
9:30 – Zach Zinn with Rebekah Zinn (ply)
10:15 – Liquid Letters (oly)
11:00 – Bortnichak Johnson Love (oly)
11:45 – oretta ynn (oly) – w/ r. carns & co.

Event Link:

2016 Olympia Experimental Music Festival schedule

The Lineup for June 24th through the 26th is now set. Here it is:

You can get a FULL FESTIVAL pass for all three days, for $22, by clicking below:


Friday June 24th (Obsidian Cafe) – $8 at the door

8pm: The Giant Worm
9pm: Fidget/Mantle Duo
10pm: Amy Denio/Emily Hay (Wind Talkers – click to read MORE about this great act)!!!
11pm: Worshiprr

Saturday June 25th (LeVoyeur) – $8 at the door

8pm: Fischkopf Sinfoniker
9pm: Shoup, Horist Kikuchi Trio
10pm: Bad Luck
11pm: Miserable Monokeys
12am: Four Dimensional Nightmare

Sunday June 26, 2016 at the Artesian Well Commons (free and all ages):

4:30 PM Cyclopsycho
5:15 PM L.A. Lungs
5:45 PM Dead Air Fresheners
6:30 PM Liquid Letters


Sunday, June 26th (The Brotherhood Lounge) – $8 at the door

8:30 PM  Derek M Johnson

9:15 PM  Joshua Plague

10 PM Malaise
10:45 PM Mac Dawg

11:30 Creaturing – (feat. members from The Need, Romanteek & Wolves the Musical)




Schedule subject to change.

Saluti a Tutti! Wind Talkers in Olympia!!!

Saluti a Tutti!

Greetings & peace to everyone.

I recently enjoyed 6 glorious weeks in Rome, participating as Queen of OU, collaborating with ED MONDO and playing with La Categoria dei Pesi Variabili. along with playing solo and in collaboration with iATO Orchestra, Michael Cooper, and other stupendous musicians.  Ci sto bene a Roma.
Photos here.

The Tiptons Sax Quartet finishes our our 3-week tour of Germany, Austria and Italia in Vienna this Thursday night; it’s been one of our best tours, ever!
We caught up with many friends, and are looking forward to our Midwest Tour
in September.

This past week, the Tiptons made 2 new recordings in Austria.  First, we recorded in the beautiful Tebes Studio in Salzburg; it will be released in September.  We also recorded our concert in a Benedictine Abbey, in collaboration with the 30-person choir Michaelbeuern Abtei Stiftschor in Dorfbeuern, near Salzburg.  The Tiptons + Choir CD should be ready in time for  the holidays.

We’ve spent many long days in the van; I’ve been teaching the band the dialect of ‘ab’, which makes us laugh & time flies by like nobody’s business!
Tip-tons = T-ab-ip  t-ab-tons.
Sax = S-ab-ax
Quartet = Qu-ab-ar  t-ab-et
I’m starting to upload photos here.

Friends!  I’ll be in Seattle for June; on Sat June 4 Kultur Shock is playing a double bill at the Sunset Tavern with my lovely Ama Trio, to kick off our summer touring season (Balkans/Europe from 1 July  – 15 August), and to welcome Mario Butkovic back into the band, and to celebrate my birthday!

The inventive and hilarious flautist and singer Emily Hay will soon be coming
up to the Northwest; we have named our long-standing duo WIND TALKERS.
We will be playing 2 concerts and recording a CD at LITHO studios in Seatle;
check details below!

Hugs to all.


Subscribe to Spoot Music on Bandcamp! For mere pennies, you will receive 10 free recordings and all new releases!


Sat 4 June: Seattle
KS @ Sunset Tavern
Our 6-week Summer Tour will start with a celebration of Mario’s return and Amy’s birthday.
My most delicious group
Ama Trio will open up!We released 2 powerful songs with Bosnian rapper Edo Maajka!
Video of Sloboda
Video of Staza Manjine

Check on our summer tour dates on the
Kultur Shock website


Sat 11 June:
Once Festival

Amy Denio:
solo accordion & voice
Festival Produced by Jason Webley!
Tickets: http://hereatonce.bpt.me/Fri 23 June: OLYMPIA

(Emily Hay & Amy Denio)
@ Olympia Experimental Music Festival

Sat 24 June: SEATTLE

(Emily Hay & Amy Denio)
@ Chapel Performance Space at Good Shepherd Center


Discography on BANDCAMP


2015 Olympia Experimental Music Festival schedule

The TICKET PRICES for this year’s festival are as follows:

Friday (Eagles) $5-10, sliding scale;

Saturday & Sunday (Le Voyeur) $5 and

A three-day pass for $8.00

Friday, June 26th: Eagles Club Grand Ballroom (805 4th Ave. E.):                                                              

7pm: The Giant Worm
8pm: Uneasy Chairs
9pm: Tonal Masher (aka Aram Shelton)
10pm:Samantha Boshnack Quintet
11pm: Dead Air Fresheners


Saturday, June 27th: Le Voyeur      (404 E 4th Ave)                                                                             
7pm: Long Division
8pm: Ffej
9pm:Kenny Mandell/New Art Trio
10pm:WA Trio
11pm:Bad Luck
12:am:  Wendy Atkinson



Sunday, June 28th: Le Voyeur       (404 E 4th Ave)                                                            
4pm: Fishkopf Sinfoniker
5pm: Big Tom The Lithuanian
6pm:Clifford Skele-Dunn
7pm: Knot Pine Box
8pm:Dave Luxton
9pm: The Hand of Reason


2014 Olympia Experimental Music Festival schedule

The Northern (321 4th Ave)                                           
Friday 6/27:Elliott Sharp (Solo & w/ Joe Trump) (NYC)
Peter Randlette (Olympia)
Dead Air Fresheners w/ Jennifer Robin (Portland, Olympia, Seattle)
KnotPineBox (Olympia)
J.D. Helwig (Portland)
Big Tom the Lithuanian (Olympia)Saturday 6/28:

Mark Hosler from Negativland (North Carolina by way of Olympia and Contra Cost County CA)
Impulsive Machinations (Thollem/Lund) (Portland, the road)
Arrington De Dionyso (Olympia)
Ton Trio II (Oakland)
Chaostic Magic (Seattle)
Beatbox Fred and the Furious Force (Olympia)

Sunday 6/29:

Replikants (Olympia)
Malaise (Seattle by way of Olympia and Tokyo)
Derek M Johnson w/ Ben Luca Robertson(Olympia, Spokane)
L.A. Lungs (Olympia, Tacoma)
Four Dimensional Nightmare (Seattle)
Overdose the Katatonic (Seattle)

Saturday shows start at 7 PM and run to about 11 PM, Sun starts at 4 PM and runs to about 8 PM.

1997 Olympia Experimental Music Festival schedule

The 3RD Festival

If YOU know the links for the bands that aren’t linked, please email them to me at rotcod@rotcodzzaj.com


Date, Location, & Performers:

Thursday 19 June 1997
Midnight Sun – ??pm
113 N. Columbia St. NW

Wally Shoup, Dennis Rhea, & Harlan Mark Vale
– Last Encoded Message
– At At Walkers
Christian Asplund
Daniel Mitha
Office Products & Mark Hosler

Friday 20 June 1997
Midnight Sun – ??pm
113 N. Columbia St. NW

Black Humour
– Harpin’ w/ Corey
– Jesse B. & Michael Griffin
Arrington De Dionyso
Amy Denio & Christian Asplund
Your Host Bobby

Saturday 21 June 1997
Arrowspace – Matinee Show
??? Address ???

Leslie Q.
– Karaoke Lip Sync
– Battle of the Bands
Gangula Stretch
– Godzilla & Maki

Saturday 21 June 1997
Capitol Theater – Evening Show
206 5th Ave SE

Dead Air Fresheners
Jeph Jerman & Dave Knotts
Sort Of Quartet
– Noggin
Saccharine Trust

Sunday 22 June 1997
Arrowspace – Matinee Show
??? Address ???

– Improv Hat Draw

Sunday 22 June 1997
Midnight Sun – Evening Show
113 N. Columbia St. NW

– Optimist International
– Mona Trona